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Give Me Fashion!

Good Fashion is like rock 'n' roll- there's always a little rebellion in it.

Models, Designers, Stylists, Makeup Artists, etc
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give_me_fashion is about FASHION .
This community is for finding information on current shows, fashions, trends, designers, models, and anything that is related to fashion. If you love fashion, what to know what is happening in the fashion industry, love models, love designers, are a fashion student, designer, model, photographer, then this is the community for you. This is where the Fashion Industry comes together. JOIN NOW!

It is owned maintained by babeimafake

MODSbabeimafake & lastlorelei

This community has Restricted Membership.babeimafake approves all members. We will pretty much add anyone who wants to join the community, but if you don't follow the rules you'll be removed.

Only members can post so you must join.

Layout: (c) babeimafake

Any post that does not have to do with fashion will be deleted with or without a warning.

+ NO TEXT POSTS. This includes links. There are many other fashion communities where they "CHAT" about fashion. You can chat here just make sure you're posting photos or something other then just text.I will give you the benefit of the doubt the first time you post just text, the second time you're removed from the community. I don't have time in my day to babysit.

+ Please put pictures behind an lj-cut. Our memebers don't want their friend's page clogged up, so be nice and put posts with more than one picture behind a cut. (<*lj-cut text="Cut off here"> that one is to start an LJ cut, this one is to close it. ).. just take out the * in that code.

+ All posts must be friends only the community is closed.

+ Broken images and the like will be deleted (if your pictures don't work.. why would we keep it?). If you are unsure about posting them, please ask someone first. If you're looking for an image host photobucket.com is good and free. They also supply you with the code needed to post pictures.

+ Nudity vs Porn. Learn the difference.

+ No promoting in the community

+ HAVE FUN! And please remember to respect others.

The community posts a lot of photos from different sites over the internet. Crediting is important to use however we can’t name everyone. Most of our sources come from the following sites and some are personal scans.

Model Hommes
The Fashion Spot

Affiliates: ooohboy